I have installed my shiny server on Ubuntu. In addition I installed Texlive- full 2017 on the server as well. The problem is that downloading report from the shiny app on the server does not work (on my local computer is working !!!) the error is :

pandoc: pdflatex not found. pdflatex is needed for pdf output.
Warning: Error in : pandoc document conversion failed with error 41

I followed this steps as well to create the symbolic link, but nothing has changed !

my pdflatex is in this path :


so I have create the symbolic linke like :

ln -s /usr/local/texlive/2017/bin/x86_64-linux  /usr/texbin

and I have added the usr/texbin to the path. Can anyone could tell me what I am missing here ?!!

  • Just installing texlive-latex-base should be sufficient. What's the output of which pdflatex? Is the pdflatex binary in /usr/texbin?
    – tarleb
    Oct 19, 2017 at 19:57

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sudo apt install texlive-latex-base seems to install pdflatex.

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    You also need two more packets or you will get some font related errors. apt-get install texlive-latex-recommended texlive-fonts-recommended
    – Andrea
    Feb 15, 2019 at 21:36
  • 4
    in addition to texlive-latex-recommended and texlive-fonts-recommended, I also had to install texlive-latex-extra (on ubuntu)
    – Matt
    Aug 5, 2022 at 22:00
  • These methods still work end-July 2023 (Ubuntu 22.04 LTS). Thanks all! Jul 31, 2023 at 13:40

Install TexLive 2023 with pdflatex I posted the full code to install pdflatex easily and working -> https://gist.github.com/rain1024/98dd5e2c6c8c28f9ea9d#gistcomment-4711349

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