I have this code that I copied from Mike Bluestein's article on sending e-mail from an app. Unfortunately, I get the following error on line 5:

Unexpected symbol 'public' 

What am I missing?

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    The code you copied is completely different from the original code, and is very far from C#. Before you start with esoteric platforms and advanced code examples, why not get a book on the basics of C#? Jan 13 '11 at 18:01

You copied it into a method. The code you copied defines a member variable at a class level and then a couple methods.

It looks to be just a sample taken out of a larger codebase, so even if you just paste it into a class, it probably still won't work as you expect (if at all). Instead of blindly copy/pasting you want to read through the article and the example to understand what it's doing and then replicate it in your own code.

I second Konrad's suggestion: you may want to brush up on C# first.


I added a link to the sample project at the bottom of the blog post. I hope that helps.

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