I just take some experiments with spring webflux 5.0.0 and Kotlin, and I have problem with loading configuration from application.yml

For base project I start with this example spring-kotlin-functional
But there are only manual loading beans and routing without any loading from configuration files or example how to implement analog of @ConfigurationProperties class in such way.

I have try to take environment in beans section:

data class DbConfig(
    var url: String = "",
    var user: String = "",
    var password: String = ""

fun beans(): BeanDefinitionDsl = beans {
    bean {
        //try to load config from path=db to data class DbConfig
        env.getProperty("db", DbConfig::class.java)


    bean { StatsController(ref()) }
    bean { UserController(ref()) }

    bean { UserRepository(ref()) }

    bean { StatsService(ref()) }

    bean { Routes(ref(), ref()) }
    bean("webHandler") {
        RouterFunctions.toWebHandler(ref<Routes>().router(), HandlerStrategies.builder().viewResolver(ref()).build())

    //view resolver
    bean {
        val prefix = "classpath:/templates/"
        val suffix = ".mustache"
        val loader = MustacheResourceTemplateLoader(prefix, suffix)
        MustacheViewResolver(Mustache.compiler().withLoader(loader)).apply {

but there are only system properties in Environment

So the question is how to load configuration from application.yml and how to implement analog of @ConfigurationProperties in such functional style?

And do I understand correctly that without spring-boot all annotations (like @Bean, @Repository, @Transactional and other) will not work for Beans?

My sources: github

Update 2017-10-21

Find a solution. The problem was related to the fact that there there were no any BeanPostProcessor. And after I include this two processors:


annotations @Configuration,@Bean and @PostConstruct start to work. But annotation @ConfigurationProperties exists only in spring-boot dependency, and yml parsing classes I find only in spring-boot-starter..

After including dependency spring-boot-starter and adding bean<ConfigurationPropertiesBindingPostProcessor>() to beans section, annotation @ConfigurationProperties start to work, but config from application.yml was also not included. So I add this section:

val resource = ClassPathResource("/application.yml")
val sourceLoader = YamlPropertySourceLoader()
val properties = sourceLoader.load("main config", resource, null)

to GenericApplicationContext configuration. And now all work as I expect, but with including a dependency spring-boot-starter.

Full code sample: version with fixes


Spring boot is just a dependency management that build auto-configuration that you can override. All the feature are inherited from Spring framework and modules. So basically you could do the same with or without boot.

I'm not on webflux yet. But as you reference your other beans, you mat need to declare a configuration bean elsewhere.

I'm sure I'll help you with that...

  • Thanks for answer! But as I see, this annotations does'n work, or I do something wrong.. – kurt Oct 20 '17 at 7:21
  • I'll try to pull your code to test locally – romainbsl Oct 20 '17 at 17:37
  • Thanks, but I found a solution :) I will update question later.. – kurt Oct 21 '17 at 8:33
  • Oh, what was it ? You should post it to help others – romainbsl Oct 21 '17 at 8:43
  • Update post, and describe a solution. – kurt Oct 21 '17 at 13:32

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