I have some legacy projects with test libraries. The projects (and unit tests) target .NET 3.5. We are using VS 2017 enterprise.

I was able to locate some nuGet packages that would allow the tests to build correctly, but Test Explorer does not see the tests at all. I presume this is because there is no Test Adapter.

The packages I am using are:

  • Microsoft.UnitTestFramework.Extensions v1.0.0.3
  • Microsoft.VisualStudio.QualityTools.UnitTestFramework.Updated v15.0.26228

Most of the packages I found would not install due to a lack of .Net 3.5 support. Which makes some sense in 2017, but still.

Does anyone know what Test Adapter I can use to make legacy .Net 3.5 unit tests visible to VS 2017 Test Explorer?

Things I can't do:

  • use a different version of VS
  • re-target the libraries to a different framework version (they are for SharePoint 2010)
  • Rewrite all the tests for a different test framework (unless there's a very straight forward translation of the attributes/asserts I could do with find and replace, as there's a lot of tests)

Appreciate any tips!

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    Did you find an answer for this? Jun 28, 2018 at 2:01
  • @NickDarvey sadly I did not find a resolution for this. We were forced to abandon the test libraries and re-create them. Apr 26, 2020 at 4:16


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