I am trying to build a sample Web app with PouchDB (local storage) and CouchDB on the back-end.

I wrote a simple function to initiate the replication:

function sync (db, remotedb) {
        // force initial replication
        db.replicate.to(remotedb).on('complete', function(info) {
            // then two-way, continuous, retriable sync
            // I also tried: PouchDB.sync( db, remotedb, { 
            db.sync(remotedb, {
                live: true,
                retry: true 
            .on('change',   handlers.change)
            .on('paused',   handlers.paused)
            .on('active',   handlers.active)
            .on('denied',   handlers.denied)
            .on('complete', handlers.complete)
            .on('uptodate', handlers.uptodate)
            .on('error',    handlers.error)

Communication with the server works:

Oct 20 13:31:48 xyz couchdb[1934]: [info] [<0.123.0>] - - GET /temperatures/_local/oTKz4LpqfD7uDhJTD6JbXQ%3D%3D? 304
Oct 20 13:31:48 ebpml2 couchdb[1934]: [info] [<0.123.0>] - - GET /temperatures/_changes?style=all_docs&feed=longpoll&heartbeat=10000&since=0&limit=100

The initial replicate call returns an "info" structure with zero records to replicate.

When I check the local storage, I can see all the records:

_pouch_temperatures!ÿby-sequenceÿ0000000000000001   {"sensorId":"sensor1","temp":"20.2","ts":1508501121994,"_id":"temp-1508501121990","_rev":"1-b42aab0dee1742b7b8a5119c38613ca9"}

When the server doesn't have the local database/collection it creates it, so I am certain they communicate properly and the problem is that the local database believes it has zero records to replicate.

So I am not quite sure what I could be doing wrong (I also tried without a forced replication and the same behavior is observed). I checked a number of code samples too and they don't seem to differ from my code. Anything I am missing?

  • Hmm you could try to log/output all documents in your db just before starting the replication, just to make sure they're actually in there ;) e.g. using allDocs: pouchdb.com/api.html#batch_fetch – Phonolog Oct 21 '17 at 7:44
  • it returns "null", which would be consistent with the observed behavior. I do make a query right after that (getById) and it returns the correct document. – metaprogrammer Oct 21 '17 at 17:15
  • Maybe you're not handing over the parameter db correctly. You could check again before calling the sync function... – Phonolog Oct 21 '17 at 17:51
  • I tried a number of things including querying a document prior to starting the replication db.get('setpoint').then( function (docs) { db.replicate.to(remotedb).on('complete', function(info) { ... and I get the setpoint document back correctly, but immediately after that the info response is "zero document to replicate". It looks like there is something else at play here. – metaprogrammer Oct 22 '17 at 8:26
  • Strange one... Maybe you could create a fiddle/MCVE or upload your complete code somewhere, so someone can reproduce your issue. – Phonolog Oct 22 '17 at 8:59

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