I build docker images on one server and then load it onto to the nodes(using docker save and docker load cmds).

Then I make change to the dep_config file to pull it locally instead of repo.(by setting imagepullpolicy).

After that step I do "kubectl apply -f dep_config.yml".

Now, the pod restarts only for the 1st time but subsequent load of images and apply of config file, the pods dont restart.

Is there way I can restart the pod with "kubectl apply" even if there is no change in the config_deploy.yml file.

A common practice is to change a non-used label of the deployment using the patch command

kubectl patch deployment your-deployment -p \ 
"{\"spec\":{\"template\":{\"metadata\":{\"labels\":{\"date\":\"$(date +%s)\"}}}}}"

Basically you can change anything that's inside the pod template, even things, like in this example, that no one notices.

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    This is definitely the best workaround currently available, one small thing to keep in mind though when using labels, as per the k8s documentation, "Labels can be used to select objects and to find collections of objects that satisfy certain conditions. In contrast, annotations are not used to identify and select objects." So labels could lead to unintended selection results, whereas annotations are completely safe. – easiestripes Mar 7 at 22:45
  • Do annotation changes actually roll out new pods? Or do only certain changes within the Deployment cause a new deployment rollout? – s g May 11 at 17:34

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