I have implemented JobIntentService to do some background task which works fine on older Android devices (pre Android O). I see the intent is handled immediately but on Android O device there is some delay before JobIntentService.onHandleWork()is executed. I understand that intents are handled serially but I see the delay even if there are no intents being processed in the queue. Is it because job scheduling is handled internally in Android O?

Here, Android document says

"When running as a pre-O service, the act of enqueueing work will generally start the service immediately, regardless of whether the device is dozing or in other conditions. When running as a Job, it will be subject to standard JobScheduler policies for a Job with a setOverrideDeadline(long) of 0: the job will not run while the device is dozing, it may get delayed more than a service if the device is under strong memory pressure with lots of demand to run jobs."

Is the above statement valid even if my app is targeted to API 25 but running on OS Android O? If so, is there any workaround to start the service/job immediately on Android O?

My current implementation:

public class MySampleService extends JobIntentService {

    private static final int JOB_ID = 1000;

    public MySampleService() {


     * Convenience method for enqueuing work in to this service.
    public static void enqueueWork(Context context, Intent work) {
        enqueueWork(context, MySampleService.class, JOB_ID, work);

     * Interpret the incoming intent actions and handle it appropriately.
     * @param workIntent
    protected void onHandleWork(@NonNull Intent workIntent) {
        if(workIntent==null || workIntent.getAction() == null){
        /* This gets printed immediately on pre Android O devices but not otherwise*/
        System.out.println("Intent Handled");
  • I am interested for how long did it get delayed? Is that seconds, minutes or hours?
    – c0dehunter
    Sep 18, 2018 at 10:06
  • For me it took a minute before it got displayed, this isn't a reliable replacement of an IntentService it seems (moving away from a WakefulBroadcastReceiver) Sep 18, 2018 at 10:43
  • What component triggers your enqueueWork method? Nov 12, 2018 at 9:55

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Is the above statement valid even if my app is targeted to API 25 but running on OS Android O?

Yes. JobIntentService behavior — using JobScheduler or not — is dictated by the version of Android that you are running on. Your targetSdkVersion has no impact.

If so, is there any workaround to start the service/job immediately on Android O?

Don't use JobIntentService. Use a regular foreground service. By definition, JobScheduler can schedule jobs as it sees fit, and there is no guarantee that it will execute a job immediately.

  • Thanks CommonsWare. If I were to launch a background task, during onPause (I want to send a bunch of data over the network during app quit), should I use JobIntentService or just start a regular IntentService? Feb 8, 2018 at 15:07
  • @CheokYanCheng: Well, quite possibly neither. Unless this work is likely to take several seconds, just do something else (RxJava, an Executor, etc.). And, for "app quit", use ProcessLifecycleOwner, not onPause(), as that gets called a lot, particularly in multi-window scenarios. If the work may exceed several seconds, the choice between IntentService and JobIntentService comes down to immediacy, how long the work might take, and whether you can show a Notification while that work is going on. Either approach could be correct; it depends on the situation. Feb 8, 2018 at 15:11
  • Yes. The job will take more than several seconds. Not sure if I use IntentService, will the OS kill it? ProcessLifecycleOwner is something new to me. My plan is check for isFinishing in onPause. Feb 8, 2018 at 15:48
  • 1
    @NamrataBagerwal: Well, once you receive the broadcast, your BroadcastReceiver can enqueue some work for a JobIntentService. By definition, once you receive the broadcast, your app is running. Apr 19, 2018 at 9:36
  • 1
    @FlorianWalther: Yes. That is what I suggested in the latter half of my answer. The price that you have to pay is the Notification, and in some cases, the user might value that Notification. Nov 11, 2018 at 18:56

In case if anyone is looking for some data:

Test Device : Nokia 6.1+
OS: Android 10

I have background location receiver scheduled for every 1 min location updates and from receiver I am starting JobIntentService. In below logs you can see that Receiver got called multiple times and job also enqueued multiple times from Receiver. But onHandleIntent of JobIntentService get's called after almost 1/2 hours. Although this delay can vary in multiple scenarios.

1594846546292,2020.07.16 02:25:46.292,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594846760376,2020.07.16 02:29:20.376,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594847109044,2020.07.16 02:35:09.044,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594847509297,2020.07.16 02:41:49.297,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594847721898,2020.07.16 02:45:21.898,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594848071300,2020.07.16 02:51:11.300,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594848471389,2020.07.16 02:57:51.389,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594848685257,2020.07.16 03:01:25.257,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594849033283,2020.07.16 03:07:13.283,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594849433274,2020.07.16 03:13:53.274,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594849646987,2020.07.16 03:17:26.987,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594849995278,2020.07.16 03:23:15.278,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594850395353,2020.07.16 03:29:55.353,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594850609101,2020.07.16 03:33:29.101,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594850957287,2020.07.16 03:39:17.287,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594851521664,2020.07.16 03:48:41.664,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594851521668,2020.07.16 03:48:41.668,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.2298493,72.824765
1594851521673,2020.07.16 03:48:41.673,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594851521675,2020.07.16 03:48:41.675,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.2298482,72.8247637
1594851521677,2020.07.16 03:48:41.677,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594851521679,2020.07.16 03:48:41.679,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.2298484,72.8247622
1594851521681,2020.07.16 03:48:41.681,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594851521682,2020.07.16 03:48:41.682,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.2298492,72.8247653
1594851521686,2020.07.16 03:48:41.686,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594851521687,2020.07.16 03:48:41.687,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.229849,72.8247665
1594851521690,2020.07.16 03:48:41.690,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594851521691,2020.07.16 03:48:41.691,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.229849,72.8247664
1594851521694,2020.07.16 03:48:41.694,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594851521695,2020.07.16 03:48:41.695,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.229849,72.8247664
1594851521698,2020.07.16 03:48:41.698,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594851521699,2020.07.16 03:48:41.699,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.2298461,72.8247634
1594851521701,2020.07.16 03:48:41.701,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594851521702,2020.07.16 03:48:41.702,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.2298493,72.824765
1594851521705,2020.07.16 03:48:41.705,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594851521706,2020.07.16 03:48:41.706,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.2298492,72.8247653
1594851521709,2020.07.16 03:48:41.709,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594851521710,2020.07.16 03:48:41.710,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.2298491,72.8247648
1594851521713,2020.07.16 03:48:41.713,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594851521715,2020.07.16 03:48:41.715,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.2298482,72.824763
1594851521717,2020.07.16 03:48:41.717,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594851521718,2020.07.16 03:48:41.718,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.2298489,72.8247663
1594851521721,2020.07.16 03:48:41.721,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594851521722,2020.07.16 03:48:41.722,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.229849,72.824766
1594851521725,2020.07.16 03:48:41.725,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594851521727,2020.07.16 03:48:41.727,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.2298492,72.824766
1594851521743,2020.07.16 03:48:41.743,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,destroying location update service..
1594851568410,2020.07.16 03:49:28.410,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594851568423,2020.07.16 03:49:28.423,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location Result is null
1594851569552,2020.07.16 03:49:29.552,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594851569582,2020.07.16 03:49:29.582,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594851569584,2020.07.16 03:49:29.584,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location Result is null
1594851842731,2020.07.16 03:54:02.731,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594851884757,2020.07.16 03:54:44.757,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594851966580,2020.07.16 03:56:06.580,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594852014859,2020.07.16 03:56:54.859,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594852099687,2020.07.16 03:58:19.687,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594852430624,2020.07.16 04:03:50.624,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594852430626,2020.07.16 04:03:50.626,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.2298507,72.8247664
1594852430632,2020.07.16 04:03:50.632,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594852430636,2020.07.16 04:03:50.636,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.2298511,72.8247665
1594852430639,2020.07.16 04:03:50.639,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594852430640,2020.07.16 04:03:50.640,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.2298491,72.8247654
1594852430643,2020.07.16 04:03:50.643,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594852430645,2020.07.16 04:03:50.645,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.229852,72.8247669
1594852430648,2020.07.16 04:03:50.648,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594852430650,2020.07.16 04:03:50.650,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.229852,72.8247669
1594852430653,2020.07.16 04:03:50.653,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594852430655,2020.07.16 04:03:50.655,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.2298517,72.8247667
1594852430664,2020.07.16 04:03:50.664,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,destroying location update service..
1594852532540,2020.07.16 04:05:32.540,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594852929377,2020.07.16 04:12:09.377,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594853035393,2020.07.16 04:13:55.393,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594853097587,2020.07.16 04:14:57.587,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594853518088,2020.07.16 04:21:58.088,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594853580673,2020.07.16 04:23:00.673,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594853641964,2020.07.16 04:24:01.964,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594853843544,2020.07.16 04:27:23.544,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594853904843,2020.07.16 04:28:24.843,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Location updates receiver called
1594853947748,2020.07.16 04:29:07.748,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594853947777,2020.07.16 04:29:07.777,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.2298533,72.8247706
1594853947781,2020.07.16 04:29:07.781,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594853947783,2020.07.16 04:29:07.783,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.229852,72.8247669
1594853947786,2020.07.16 04:29:07.786,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594853947787,2020.07.16 04:29:07.787,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.2298493,72.8247656
1594853947789,2020.07.16 04:29:07.789,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...
1594853947791,2020.07.16 04:29:07.791,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,New Location = 19.2298494,72.8247659
1594853947793,2020.07.16 04:29:07.793,DEBUG,PRETTY_LOGGER,Handling work in CTLocationUpdateService...

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