As per my limited knowledge, linear functions have only two variables which define it, namely x and y.

However, as per multivariate linear regression,

h(x)=(theta transpose vector)*(x vector)
where theta transpose vector = (n+1)x1 vector of parameters
      x vector = input variables x0, x1, x2 ....., xn

There are multiple variables involved. Does it not change the nature of the graph and consequently the nature of the function itself?

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linear functions have only two variables which define it, namely x and y

This is not accurate; the definition of a linear function is a function that is linear in its independent variables.

What you refer to is simply the special case of only one independent variable x, where

y = a*x + b

and the plot in the (x, y) axes is a straight line, hence the historical origin of the term "linear" itself.

In the general case of k independent variables x1, x2, ..., xk, the linear function equation is written as

y = a1*x1 + a2*x2 + ... + ak*xk + b

whose form you can actually recognize immediately as the same with the multiple linear regression equation.

Notice that your use of the term multivariate is also wrong - you actually mean multivariable, i.e. multiple independent variables (x's); the first term means multiple dependent variables (y's):

Note that multivariate regression is distinct from multivariable regression, which has only one dependent variable.


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