I'm not much of a programmer, but I managed to write a Google Sheets script that sorts an array, filters out specified values, and returns the new array. It works great.

However, when I publish the output page to the web, the link will only successfully show the output if I have the back end sheet open. As soon as I close it, the publish page turns up #NAME.

Presumably there is some restriction as to the availability of custom scripts. I assumed the output would just grab the text, but I suppose it's trying to run it and can't without someone being logged in?

Anyways - is there some way around this?


Edit: Did a little further reading and found out that this might be a situation where "script as web app" might be the requirement. As a novice, this is a little over my head and I'd appreciate any advice.

I also tested to make sure IMPORTRANGE() as a source for this data wasn't the issue, and though it may cause other problems once I get the #name issue resolved, it does not appear to be at fault here specifically since the same thing happens with local data.


Yes, as you've stated, script as web app might be the requirement. You may also want to check this documentation regarding Custom Functions in Google Sheets. Just be noted that a script can be published as a web app if it meets these requirements:

Hope this helps!

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