I need to get a list of nodes, based on 2 rules, both related to a date field (myDate in this example).

I currently have the following, that only takes one of the 2 rules, which is checking if the date field is empty;

var results = root.Descendants("myDocType") 
    .Where(x => !x.GetProperty("myDate").HasValue)
    .OrderBy("myDate desc");

In the same Where clause, i need to check for:

  • The date is empty OR
  • The date is today or earlier (just the date, not the time of day)

So i basically need to add the last requirement to my Where clause. But how?

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Found the solution:

var results = root.Descendants("myDocType")
   .Where(x => !x.GetProperty("myDate").HasValue 
             || x.GetPropertyValue<DateTime>("myDate") >= DateTime.Now.Date)
   .OrderBy("myDate desc");

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