I am trying to add custom variable in a bash script alias command and not able to do it

I added the following in .bash_profile file

alias mvdb='mv ~/dbs/aw ~/dbs/aw-$1'

In the command line I am trying to run a script

mvdb "2017OCT20"

I want the folder named aw to be renamed as aw-2017OCT20 when I run command

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This is a job for a function.

mvdb() {
    mv ~/dbs/aw ~/dbs/aw-"$1"
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    i added the alias to bash profile with a single line code, alias mvdb='mv ~/dbs/aw ~/dbs/aw-$1' So, Can I write the function that you had mentioned directly in .bash_profile, or do i need to create a new file containing only this function
    – Masade
    Oct 22, 2017 at 13:52

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