I want to create a class based user registration portal and for that I wanted to add some usernames. But if they are already taken, then the code should prompt the user to add another username and I tried to do so with this code.

username=raw_input("Enter username : ")
while a==0:
   for i in User:
      if i==username:
   if a==0:
      usernarme=raw_input("Username already taken.\nEnter another username :")

But it gets stuck in the loop and displays the following message repeatedly even after entering a valid username. What I am doing wrong?

"Username already taken"

  • variable name typo at last line probably. Btw, why did you added class tag if there is no class in provided snippet ? – Yaroslav Surzhikov Oct 21 '17 at 14:56

That will fix all your issues with loop.

username=raw_input("Enter username : ")
while username in User:
    username=raw_input("Username already taken.\nEnter another username :")

P.S. I'm strongly recommend you to read Dive Into Python and The Zen of Python


Here's a more pythonic version of your code, that's easier to understand and to fix:

users = ['name123']
username = raw_input("Enter username : ")
while username in users:
  username = raw_input("Username already taken.\nEnter another username :")


  • Always use lower case for variable names.
  • Use in instead of looping over users explicitly in the loop.
  • Avoid break in a while loop and rather change the value of your loop condition.
  • it appears like we wrote our answers at the same time. I didn't steal your code if that's what you think happened. – SaturnFromTitan Oct 21 '17 at 15:23
  • Doesnt matter, because i was to lazy, to write why my code is better than provided one. – Yaroslav Surzhikov Oct 21 '17 at 16:24

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