I have 2 tables

First table

Id Type Value
1   2   1,2,3,5
2   1   1,3,6
3   1   2,3,1,6

Second table

Id Name
1  Leon
2  Anna
3  Biorn
4  Alex
5  Peter
6  Luis

Values in First table are Ids in Second table.

I need query that returns all names by type from the first table

For example:

Type = 1
return: Leon,Anna,Biorn,Luis
type = 2
return: Leon,Anna,Biorn,Peter

I'm trying to create a View that will look like this:

Type Name
1    Leon
1    Anna
1    Biorn
1    Luis
2    Leon
2    Anna
2    Biorn
2    Peter

So I can easily select all the names by type, but I can't figure out how to do it. Please help!


You seem to recognize that this is a poor data structure. You should have a junction table -- storing lists of integers as a delimited string is not a SQLish data structure.

Sometimes, we are stuck with other people's bad design decisions. Here is one thing you can do:

select t1.type, t2.name
from table1 t1 join
     table2 t2
     on ',' + t1.value + ',' like ',%' + cast(t2.id as varchar(255)) + '%,';
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