I've searched for 2 days but still no changes, i need to have foo variable by reference inside page.evaluate but seems impossible.

var foo = 42;

      console.log('outer '+foo++);


page.open(url, function() {

  var pe = page.evaluate(function(foo) {
          console.log('inner inner '+foo);
      console.log('inner '+foo);

both outer and inner are updating but the inner inner foo is static.I also tried binding but it returns this error:

SyntaxError: Expected token ']'

  undefined:2 in evaluateJavaScript
  phantomjs://platform/webpage.js:390 in evaluate
  phantomjs://platform/webpage.js:286 in _onPageOpenFinished

Edit: Just found out that the function evaluate is a sandbox, I'm just curious if there is some way like message passing or IPC between these two?

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if there is some way like message passing or IPC between these two?

Indeed there is - page.evaluate can return a simple variable or serialized object to the outer context:

var value_from_sandbox = page.evaluate(function(){ return 42; });

You don't explicitly state it in your question, but from the code samples I take it you want to monitor some variable on a live page. It is possible:

page.open(url, function() {

    // Set interval function in PhantomJS scope 
    // that will extract a variable from the page once a second

        var foo = page.evaluate(function() {
            return document.getElementById('foo').innerHTML;


    }, 1000);


There is one more way to call "home" from sandbox: page.callPhantom, but note that it was still marked as "experimental" in the docs.

  • My first objective was sending data from outside (of sanbox/evaluate) to inside in real-time, which is impossible. But with help of ur answer i think i could run the whole evaluate inside an interval block and send/receive data every time.
    – TheMMSH
    Commented Oct 25, 2017 at 1:32
  • It's not enirely impossible... You could create your own event listeners for data changing on the page and then use page.callPhantom to send it back, but yes, page.evaluate + setInterval are far mor reliable.
    – Vaviloff
    Commented Oct 25, 2017 at 4:54

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