I have two string list: A = ['YELLOW'] B = ['BA']

I want to combine these two string using a recursive function to get ['YBAEBALBALBAOBAWBA']

HERE IS my function :

def Combine(A, B):

    if len(A) > 0:
        return str(A[0]) + str(B) + Combine(A[:0], B)

-- I have no idea how recursive works? Could someone please help me!

  • what is the question ? – Gilles Gouaillardet Oct 22 '17 at 2:20
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You were very close!

def Combine(A, B):
    if len(A) > 0:
        return str(A[0]) + str(B) + Combine(A[1:], B) # <-- fix 1
        return '' # <-- fix 2
  1. in order to call recursively with the rest of A you should call A[1:]
  2. you took care of the case that len(A) > 0 but forgot to take care of the case that A ran out of characters (the else)


B = 'BA'

print(Combine(A, B))



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