After the ETL Job is done, What is the best way to call stored procedure in AWS Glue script?

I am using PySpark to fetch the data from S3 and storing in staging table. After this process, need to call a stored procedure. This stored procedure loads data from the staging table into the appropriate MDS tables.

If I have to call a Stored Procedure after ETL Job is done, what is the best way? If I consider AWS lambda, is there any way that lambda can be notified after the ETL.

  • I'm curious to hear how you solved this? Did you end up just executing a lambda function as suggested? – Michael Black Apr 12 at 18:07

You can use the boto sdk to fire off your lambda at the end of your glue ETL job. Since you are writing to a staging table, you will also need to have a NAT Gateway on the connection's subnet for the boto call to work. The example at this link uses boto to fire an ECS task, which would be a similar process: https://github.com/full360/glue-sneaql-demo/blob/master/Glue-Job-Script.

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