I want to determine the css class based of the return value of a function call like the following:

<ion-col style="getBooking(950)">
   <div (tap)="this.makeOrRemoveBooking(950)">09:30</div>
<ion-col style="this.getBooking(1000)">
    <div (tap)="this.makeOrRemoveBooking(950)">10:00</div>
<ion-col style="this.getBooking(1050)">
    <div (tap)="this.makeOrRemoveBooking(950)">10:30</div>

Here is the function:

    getBooking(time: number) {
    for (const book of this.localListOfBookings) {
        if (book.startTime <= time && time < book.endTime) {
            if (book.bookedByName == this.currentUserName) {
                return "yourRoom"
            } else {
                return "available"
            // return book.bookedByName

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