Is it possible to close connection to PouchDb using db.close() and then reopen the same db connection again?

I have an app in which each user can be assigned to multiple groups, and each group has it's own DB. To allow users to switch groups (and DBs) I want to close the current DB - the one that user has just left - in order to avoid memory leaks. Problem is when user returns to the first group - it's closed and the replication is not working. How can I 'reopen' it?

I can't find an option for reopening a DB anywhere in the documentation. I did try to make a new PouchDB instance, by using:

new PouchDB(uniqueId)

but my previously working replication didn't react anymore after closing the DB.

What am I missing here?

Thank you

You re-open a database exactly the same way you opened it the first time:

var db = new PouchDB("dbname");

You'll have to re-start any replications at that point.

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