I'm new to GatsbyJS and have been combing the documentation for a solution, but can't seem to find one, which makes me think that I'm missing some larger piece. I assumed the way to eliminate browser-default styling would be to import some sort of a css-reset.css file in my index layout and overwrite it with my own styles, along these lines:

import React from 'react';

import reset from './reset.module.css';
import styles from './index.module.css';

but I can't seem to overwrite them this way (only the reset is implemented). Is there something fundamental about GatsbyJS's build process that I'm missing here? Something I need to integrate into the gatsby-config file? Is there a plugin that does this/a better means of achieving the CSS reset? Thanks for the help.

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As an alternative to importing CSS Modules, you can simply import css-reset.css as you first described.

Following the example of the default Gatsby starter, you can place your stylesheets in /layouts and then import them in /layouts/index.js like this:

import ./reset.css
import ./index.css

This will apply your styles globally for you.

Another option with Gatsby is to use Typography.js and apply your global reset styles via the overrideStyles setting.


You can import a reset/normalize/other global css imports using gatsby-browser.js. If you have a layout component for consistent theme, you can also import it there as well.

Do this to just include the stylesheet:

import '../styles/myGlobalStyle.css';

There's no need to assign the import to a variable, so do not do this:

import globalStyles from '../styles/myGlobalStyle.css';

For instance, using normalize.css in gatsby-browser.js (v2):

import React from 'react';
import { Provider } from './src/components/Context';

// This next line is all you need to import global styles
import 'normalize.css/normalize.css';

export const wrapRootElement = ({ element }) => {
  const ConnectedRootElement = <Provider>{element}</Provider>;
  return ConnectedRootElement;

When using the plugin typography.js, normalize.css is included by default. Though I guess technically not a pure reset, you can further modify the base styles through the configuration object passed to the Typography instance.

Some of the options include: baseFontSize, baseLineHeight, scaleRatio, blockMarginBottom, bodyWeight, headerWeight, overrideStyles.

For example, this is what I use to set the font-size to 62.5%:

const typography = new Typography({ baseFontSize: '10px' })

You can read more about installing and setting up typography.js in the part 2 of the official Gatsby tutorial.


When you import CSS Modules, you need to apply its classes to your components e.g.

import styles from 'my-styles.module.css'

export default () => <div className={styles.mainDiv}>Hi</div>
  • Does that imply that there's no way to apply stylesheets in full, like a CSS reset?
    – kqcef
    Oct 23, 2017 at 13:51
  • 3
    @kqcef, why you import CSS reset as a module in the first place? You can always add your CSS reset into head by importing it into index.js just like default starter do.
    – CallMeLaNN
    Feb 28, 2018 at 18:03

Keep it simple : in gatsby-browser.js


Then style your components via

import 'myComponentStyles' from '../css/myComponent.module.css'

If you are using Material UI in combination with Gatsby you should use CSS Baseline. It does the same as normalize.css

import React from 'react';
import CssBaseline from '@material-ui/core/CssBaseline';

export default function MyApp() {
  return (
      <CssBaseline />
      {/* The rest of your application */}

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