I was trying to unwrap the result of List.max_elt of a non-empty list, which should always exist, so I thought Option.value_exn would be the correct tool. But it fails with a strange error:

# List.range 0 10 |> List.max_elt ~cmp:compare;;
- : int option = Some 9

# Option.value_exn (Some 9);;
- : int = 9

# List.range 0 10 |> List.max_elt ~cmp:compare |> Option.value_exn;;
Error: This expression has type
         ?here:Lexing.position ->
         ?error:Base.Error.t -> ?message:string -> 'a Base.option -> 'a
       but an expression was expected of type int option -> 'b

Can anybody explain this error to me?

I'm using OCaml 4.05.0 and the latest Core library.

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The problem here is that something (I'm guessing Option.value_exn) takes optional arguments. When you write it as Option.value_exn x OCaml knows that the optional arguments aren't being used, but when you write it as x |> Option.value_exn it doesn't.

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