I am not getting to update my entry, before I try to update, I unpublish the entry using client.entries().async().unPublish(entry), and it works, but when I try to update using the code below, I receive the follow message: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: entry must have a space associated.

What am I doing wrong?

 final CMAClient client =
                        new CMAClient
     final CMASystem sys = new CMASystem();


    CMAEntry entry;
    entry.setField("name", "en-US", "TEST").setSystem(sys); 

    client.entries().async().update(entry, new CMACallback<CMAEntry>() {

                @Override protected void onSuccess(CMAEntry entry) {

                   // Successfully created a new entry.

                   new AlertDialog.Builder(ctx).setTitle("Contentful")                                                                                                                                                                                 
                   .setMessage("Creation of an entry was successful." +"\n\nResult: 
                   " + 
    }           }

@Override protected void onFailure(RuntimeException exception) {

    // An error occurred! Inform the user.

    new AlertDialog.Builder(ctx)

    .setTitle("Contentful Error")

    .setMessage("Could not create an entry." +

   "\n\nReason: " + exception.toString())




I am a maintainer of the Contentful Java SDK.

The recommended way of using the update method is to first fetch an item, change its data and then update it again.

If you follow this link to our documentation, and select the create/update an entry button, you'll see a code snippets on how to update entries. Please select Android platform to see it for Android.

I hope this helps you a bit further.

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