I have noticed on scenebuilder that a modena high contrast theme exists.

How do I properly use it? I mean in a cross platform or implementation way.

I noticed that a yellowOnBlack.css and whiteOnBlack.css exists inside de jfxrt.jar on the Oracle implementation at jfxrt.jar\com\sun\javafx\scene\control\skin\modena.

How do I apply it without copying de CSS or referencing the path of a specific implementation?

Thank you.

  • Not too sure how to change to it programmatically without specifying the url using Application.setUserAgentStylesheet() since it's not a constant in the Application class like STYLESHEET_CASPIAN and STYLESHEET_MODENA. However, the user can manually change to a high contrast theme using `Alt + Left Shift + Print Screen' on Windows so perhaps this event could be created and fired, but I'm not sure if that'd work. – d.j.brown Oct 23 '17 at 17:50

According to this bug report you can set this with a command line option -Dcom.sun.javafx.highContrastTheme. The valid values are yellowOnBlack, whiteOnBlack, or blackOnWhite.

I.e. you should be able to run your application with, for example

java -Dcom.sun.javafx.highContrastTheme=yellowOnBlack com.example.MyApp

I haven't tested this, but it may be possible to set this programmatically via System.setProperty(...), though you probably have to make sure the property is set early enough in the life cycle of the application (maybe even before the application class is loaded).

  • It works. I think javafx nees a better way to do this, but currently it's the only solution that works (as it seems). – Thiago Sayão Oct 23 '17 at 18:43

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