I have the following configuration in my docker-compose file. What *appvolume means? I saw setups with volumes: &appvolumes as well.

version: "3"
       image: xxxx
       volumes: *appvolumes
       networks: *appnetworks

docker-compose files use YAML syntax. Those characters are YAML syntax for "anchors" and "aliaes", which are basically ways of referring to one section of the YAML document from another section of the document. For example, consider this example:

  list1: &foo
    - one
    - two
  list2: *foo

That defines an anchor named foo referring to the list in the list1 key. Elsewhere in the document we can use *foo to refer to that same list.

If you paste that into an online yaml parser, you will find that the resulting data structures looks as if list2 was specified with the same content as list1:

  "example": {
    "list1": [
    "list2": [

This is useful in a docker-compose.yaml file if you have a common set of volumes or networks, etc, that you want to include in several service definitions.

You can read more about this in the Wikipedia YAML article.

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