I've followed the instruction of sharing android app on Facebook that would be: 1. Link the SDK with Maven 2. set android app id on manifast file and provider and adding Android Key Hash to developer profile. but didn't add Facebook Activity as I found it is optional. codes for sharing video is:

File file = new File(getActivity().getFilesDir() + "/" + videoPath);
                    Uri videoFileUri = Uri.fromFile(file);

                    ShareVideo ShareVideo = new ShareVideo.Builder()
                    ShareVideoContent content = new ShareVideoContent.Builder()
                    ShareDialog.show(ShareVideoFragment.this, content);

and codes for sharing link is:

ShareLinkContent content = new ShareLinkContent.Builder()
                        ShareDialog.show(ShareVideoFragment.this, content);

the problem is that other users(except sender) can't see the link and video that were posted.

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The reason was because my app was in develop mode, I should set that in Facebook develop profile to live mode. enter image description here

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