Unlike event handlers in vis.js, manipulation helpers (addNode etc) don't provide a reference to the network or its DOM container itself. Is there a way to access either one if addNode and network itself should be defined in different scopes so that closure can't be used?

Context. I'm implementing a simple graph editor in TiddlyWiki Classic using vis.js. The peculiar thing is there can be multiple networks displayed at a time and their ids are generated so they do not to conflict and a user doesn't have to set those manually. On the other hand, it's desirable to allow user set arbitrary manipulation handlers and a usual need is to get the network's container with the "unknown"=random id (it's available from network itself as network.body.container, but I failed to get network inside addNode).

PS I wonder how to patch vis.js itself since this inside addNode is equal to the manipulation property of options which seems totally useless. Looks like in ManipulationSystem.js calling this.options.addNode should be made with call: instead of

    this.options.addNode(defaultData, (finalizedData) => {

(line 1156) should be

    this.options.addNode.call(this, defaultData, (finalizedData) => {

PPS while considering making a fork/pull request, I've found out that it's clear where to add this context to addNode (line 1156), addEdge (line 1186), editEdge (1220) but not editNode. Where is it?

  • this I am interested in. Do you mean that you can access the nodes or edges information from the manipulation helpers? for instance I would like to get the group of the target node (addEdge event). Did you achieve this? can you please be more specific about it? – laloune Feb 22 '18 at 13:34
  • finally managed to make it work as I wish: in vis.js (line 59423) : var defaultData = { id: this.edgeBeingEditedId, from: sourceNodeId, to: targetNodeId, infos: this.body.data }; but I'm not sure, is there any reason why this should not be done this way? – laloune Feb 23 '18 at 21:20

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