I have some trouble scroll down status(notification) bar.

this is my code

    Object sbservice = context.getSystemService( "statusbar" );
    Class<?> statusbarManager = Class.forName( "android.app.StatusBarManager" );
    Method showsb;
    if (Build.VERSION.SDK_INT >= 17) {
        showsb = statusbarManager.getMethod("expandNotificationsPanel");
    else {
        showsb = statusbarManager.getMethod("expand");
    showsb.invoke( sbservice );
}catch(Exception e){

This works fine except one.....

I am trying to make a overLay button to open the status bar in other apps.

It works fine except when another app is in fullcreen. ....

I found the fullscreen is above opened status bar.

So if I close the app, I can see the opened bar.

Is there any way to make the opened status bar is on top?

I am sorry bad english. and insufficient explanation....

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