Suppose I have a method session.get(str: String): String but you don't know whether it will return you a string or a null, because it comes from Java.

Is there an easier way to treat this in Scala instead of session.get("foo") == null ? Maybe some magic apply like ToOption(session.get("foo")) and then I can treat it in Scala way like

ToOption(session.get("foo")) match {
    case Some(_) =>;
    case None =>;

The Option companion object's apply method serves as a conversion function from nullable references:

scala> Option(null)
res4: Option[Null] = None

scala> Option(3)   
res5: Option[Int] = Some(3)

The Option object has an applymethod that does exactly that:

var myOptionalString = Option(session.get("foo"));

Notice that when working with Java objects it won't work as expected:

val nullValueInteger : java.lang.Integer = null
val option: Option[Int] = Option(nullValueInteger)
println(option)  // Doesn't work - zero value on conversion

val nullStringValue : String = null
val optionString: Option[String] = Option(nullStringValue)
println(optionString) // Works - None value
  • 1
    I ran with scala 2.11.8. The second line throwed NullPointerException. The sixth line got Some(null), not None as you expected. – John Lin Aug 28 '18 at 5:38
  • 1. Used Some instead of Option in optionString - Changed in original answer. 2. Verified only in Scala 2.12.5 – DekelM Aug 29 '18 at 6:14

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