I've been trying to stream my json event from kafka, flatten it then push it back to another topic using Spring Cloud Stream.


    "major": "Computer Science",
    "books": [{
        "title": "Learn C",
        "author": "Prof C"
        "title": "Learn Java",
        "author": "Java Expert"
        "title": "Learn Python",
        "author": "Python Master"

Flatten process:

@ServiceActivator(inputChannel = Sink.INPUT, outputChannel = Source.OUTPUT)
public String(String event){
    JSONArray result = new JSONArray();

    JSONObject rawEvent = new JSONObject(event);

    String major = rawEvent.get("major");
    JSONArray books = rawEvent.get("books");

    for (int i = 0; i < books.length; i++){
        JSONObject book = books.get(i);
        book.put("major", major);

    return result.toString();

which only produce:

    [{"major":"Computer Science", "books.title":"Learn C", "books.author":"Prof C"}, 
{"major":"Computer Science", "books.title":"Learn Java", "books.author":"Java Expert"}, 
{"major":"Computer Science", "books.title":"Learn Python", "books.author":"Python Master"}]

My question is how to make it become like this

{"major":"Computer Science", "books.title":"Learn C", "books.author":"Prof C"}
{"major":"Computer Science", "books.title":"Learn Java", "books.author":"Java Expert"}
{"major":"Computer Science", "books.title":"Learn Python", "books.author":"Python Master"}

so I can push back in mutilple JSONObject not single JSONArray like what I did?

Afaik, Spring Cloud Stream output is only a single event which doesnt fit my case above to produce 3 events to Kafka.

Thank you.


Indeed I misunderstood. So in this case I'd suggest to bring in Spring Integration and Enterprise Integration Patterns. You basically have a clear case for Splitter. There are many examples out there but here is a quick snippet: @Splitter public List<String> split(String input) { // basically split your input into a collection and splitter will send out each element as a separate message } Hope that helps

  • This is the answer that I have been looking for. Tried it and works! Thank you. – van Oct 27 '17 at 3:33

What you've produced is a valid JSON array. What you trying to produce is not a valid JSON. But as long as you're ok with that you can simply use StringBuilder and append each book.toString() to it (instead of JSONArray). That will at least produce what you are looking for.

Also, this is really not a question related to Spring Cloud Stream, rather general Java/JSON question, so I suppose there are more specific forums on StackOverflow that can get you a better answer.

  • sorry, seems like you misunderstood my question. What I want is to push 3 events instead of 1 event to the Kafka. afaik, Spring Cloud Stream will only produce 1 output. Thanks for the input though – van Oct 26 '17 at 3:42
  • Indeed I misunderstood. – Oleg Zhurakousky Oct 26 '17 at 11:34

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