I created a table Employee and super projection with KSAFE 1.

CREATE TABLE Employee(ssid varchar(255)..);

 SELECT Employee.ssid,
 FROM Employee
 ORDER BY Employee.location_id
SEGMENTED BY hash(Employee.location_id) ALL NODES KSAFE 1;

But I wanted to know why would it create two projections under the same? Both of these projections are named as Employee_SUPER_b0 and Employee_SUPER_b1.

Attached is the image of Squirrel.

Vertica projection

Thanks in advance.

  • Have you read about Buddy Projections ? – minatverma Oct 25 '17 at 15:19
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Vertica creates copies (buddy projections) of the segmented projections in order to reach the wanted k-safety. In your case (k-safety=1) you will have one copy of your segmented projections across nodes. The distribution of the "buddy projections" is controlled by the OFFSET parameter (default 1).

You might want to have a look to the fine manual

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