I installed brew and gitk as indicated in this SO post. I'm running on macOS 10.12.6. git still works fine, but when I try to run gitk from the terminal, I get:

Error in startup script: osascript: OpenScripting.framework - scripting addition "/Library/ScriptingAdditions/Adobe Unit Types.osax" cannot be used with the current OS because it has no OSAXHandlers entry in its Info.plist.
    while executing
"exec osascript -e [format {
        tell application "System Events"
            set frontmost of processes whose unix id is %d to true
        end te..."
    invoked from within
"if {[tk windowingsystem] eq "aqua"} {
    exec osascript -e [format {
        tell application "System Events"
            set frontmost of processes ..."
    (file "/usr/local/bin/gitk" line 12212)

I did try restarting the terminal session and reinstalling git with brew.

How do I resolve this issue?

  • same problem here running mac 10.13.4 – Daniel May 9 '18 at 13:11

Turns out this could be caused by an old Quark scripting addition?


Removing said folder works for me.

sudo rm -rf QXPScriptingAdditions.osax/ 
  1. Go to terminal
  2. su
  3. Change directory and run ls:

    $ cd /Library/ScriptingAdditions $ ls Adobe Unit Types.osax

  4. Remove or move the directory: mv Adobe\ Unit\ Types.osax /tmp


It seems this error is related to any scripts within the /Library/ScriptingAdditions folder that are incompatible with your current MacOS version.

The error will generally name this script, WebexScriptAddition.osax in my case, Adobe Unit Types.osax in Pawel's case, and QXPScriptingAdditions.osax in Daniel's case.

The solution is the same in every case as both have outlined: either delete the script or move it to a temp location, test your system, then delete the temp location where you saved the script earlier.

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