I cannot figure out how to call a function n times to be used in another function

I have a function

(defun right-shift (l)
   (append l '(0))) 

And I need to write another function that needs to shift '(l) n times

(defun right-shift-n-times (l n)
   (natp n)

I am not even sure I started that function right and I cannot figure out how to call it n times.


You should given some more background of your problem. If you want to shift bit-wise data there are way more efficient ways, I guess.

For a homework-style solution, I would start with something like this:

 (defun right-shift-n-times (l n)
       (if (zerop n)
           (right-shift-n-times (right-shift l) (1- n))))

but I am not a very experienced lisper.

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    It seems like this will work if you use ZP instead of ZEROP. ACL2 has to prove that the recursion will terminate, which is not true with ZEROP, because it can take any number as an argument and (1- n) might never produce a zero. Using ZP tells ACL2 that the argument must be a natural number (and thus will eventually reach zero). – jkiiski Oct 25 '17 at 20:30
  • Hmm, thanks for clarification. I was just focusing on CL. – Martin Buchmann Oct 25 '17 at 20:32

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