i need to get the last 2 tokens from a variable in Batch

the variable is

Rastreando a rota para user722-PC []

the output i need is a variable containing


and another containing


and no, i cant use

for /f "tokens=5,6 delims= " %%a in ("%variable%") do set host=%%a & set ip=%%b
echo %ip% %host%

because in this case i specified tokens 5,6 and what i want to to is to get the last 2 tokens dynamicaly, so i must NOT specify any token numbers mannualy

// this way i can get only the last token, considering that the delimiter is a space, and the delimiter cant be changed

FOR %%a in (%variable%) do set lastPart=%%a
ECHO %lastPart%

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@echo off
setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion

set "var=Rastreando a rota para user722-PC []"
set "last=%var: =" & set "lastBut1=!last!" & set "last=%"
SET last

Hint: run this program with @echo on

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SET "variable=Rastreando a rota para user722-PC []"
FOR %%a IN (%variable%) DO CALL SET "lastbut1=%%lastpart%%"&SET "lastpart=%%a"
SET last


calling the set re-parses it, so set "lastbut1=%lastpart%" is executed in a subshell.

This could also be done using delayedexpansion about which there are many articles on SO.

The short explanation for how it works is *** MAGIC ***

A longer explanation is this:

the commands CALL SET "lastbut1=%%lastpart%%" and SET "lastpart=%%a" are executed in that sequence for each element in %variable% which is a simple string with elements separated by spaces, tabs, commas or semicolons.

The & is used to separate the commands and serves merely to allow many commands to be specified on he same physical line. The code could also be written

 CALL SET "lastbut1=%%lastpart%%"
 SET "lastpart=%%a"

which is exactly the same; the parentheses are required and enclose the individual commands. There an additional syntax-requirement here. The opening ( must be on the same physical line as the do.

The CALL SET "lastbut1=%%lastpart%%" executes SET "lastbut1=%lastpart%" in a sub-shell, setting lastbut1 to the current value of lastpart. Then the SET "lastpart=%%a" sets lastpart to the value in %%a.

So, on the next iteration, lastbut1 gets the value that was applied to lastpart in the prior iteration, and so on until the very last time, when lastpat acquires the very last item on the list and lastbut1 has just been assigned the value just before that.

Hence, to get lastbut2, all you'd need would be to use

FOR %%a IN (%variable%) DO call set "lastbut2=%%lastbut1%%&CALL SET "lastbut1=%%lastpart%%"&SET "lastpart=%%a"

which sets lastbut2 from lastbut1, lastbut1 from lastpart and lastpart from %%a in that sequence.


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