ServiceClientTracing class has static boolean IsEnabled property that allows you to turn tracing on. But when you set property to true no output is showing in Console/Debug or anywhere else.

How to set tracing so that output is visible in either Console/Debug Window (or anywhere really)?


Seems that this is not supported by default in Microsoft.Rest.ClientRuntime project, so you need to role your own class. For example:

class DebugTracer : IServiceClientTracingInterceptor
    public void Information(string message)

    public void TraceError(string invocationId, Exception exception)
        Debug.WriteLine("Exception in {0}: {1}", invocationId, exception);

    public void ReceiveResponse(string invocationId, HttpResponseMessage response)
        string requestAsString = (response == null ? string.Empty : response.AsFormattedString());
        Debug.WriteLine("invocationId: {0}\r\nresponse: {1}", invocationId, requestAsString);

    public void SendRequest(string invocationId, HttpRequestMessage request)
        string requestAsString = (request == null ? string.Empty : request.AsFormattedString());
        Debug.WriteLine("invocationId: {0}\r\nrequest: {1}", invocationId, requestAsString);

    public void Configuration(string source, string name, string value)
        Debug.WriteLine("Configuration: source={0}, name={1}, value={2}", source, name, value);

    public void EnterMethod(string invocationId, object instance, string method, IDictionary<string, object> parameters)
        Debug.WriteLine("invocationId: {0}\r\ninstance: {1}\r\nmethod: {2}\r\nparameters: {3}",
            invocationId, instance, method, parameters.AsFormattedString());

    public void ExitMethod(string invocationId, object returnValue)
        string returnValueAsString = (returnValue == null ? string.Empty : returnValue.ToString());
        Debug.WriteLine("Exit with invocation id {0}, the return value is {1}",
            invocationId, returnValueAsString);

Appropriated from Log4NetTracingInterceptor.

Now if you want to turn Tracing on all you need to do is:

ServiceClientTracing.IsEnabled = true;
ServiceClientTracing.AddTracingInterceptor(new DebugTracer());
  • 3
    This. Is beautiful.
    – willem
    Feb 13 '18 at 13:20
  • I am new to this but where it logs ? where to configure file path and log level ? in web.config how? Appreciate if you can give small sample.
    – Dnyati
    Jan 29 at 11:09

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