I recently :

  • upgrade my Android Studio to 3.0 stable channel

  • checkout my project hosted on SVN and wich was on git 6 months ago.

    My IDE is reading the project as it is on git and not on SVN => I want to disconnect it from git and commit changes only on SVN .

REM : I didn't face this behaviour when it was on Android Studio 2.3 stable channel

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You should be able to change the version control settings in the ./.idea/vcs.xml file:

<project version="4">
  <component name="VcsDirectoryMappings">
    <mapping directory="$PROJECT_DIR$" vcs="Git" />

Change Git to SVN and reload the project in the IDE. I'm not sure if you can change that setting within the IDE settings itself, but this should be a simple change.

You can also try and simply delete the ".git" sub directory.


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