We often delete resource groups. I have one resource group that I would like to protect. Is there a way of “locking” it so that I would be required to unlock it before being allowed to delete it? Bonus points if it requires a password.

Egads. Yes there is. Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. Simply go the the Resource Group’s properties and click on Lock and add a new lock and set the type to Delete

You achieve this using following steps:

Open you resource group.

In the Settings blade for the resource, resource group, or subscription that you wish to lock, select Locks.

To add a lock, select Add. If you want to create a lock at a parent level, select the parent. The currently selected resource inherits the lock from the parent. For example, you could lock the resource group to apply a lock to all its resources.

Give the lock a name and lock level. Optionally, you can add notes that describe the lock.

enter image description here

For more details, refer : Lock resources to prevent unexpected changes

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