I have a feature with post-condition as follow:

checkValue (k: K): detachable V
    checkKey (Result)

And here is prototype of "checkKey":

checkKey (v: V): BOOLEAN

Since "Result" is type of "detachable V", and I try to pass that as parameter to "checkKey " which only accept type of "V" but not "detachable V", thus it cannot compile.

Here is what compile error says:

Argument name: v
Argument position: 1
Formal argument type: Generic #1
Actual argument type: detachable Generic #1

How can I convert detachable Generic to Generic?


There are several options:

  1. Change the type of checkValue from detachable V to V.
  2. Change the type of the argument of checkKey from V to detachable V.
  3. Change the postcondition to read

    • if Result should always be attached

      result_attached: attached Result
      some_post_condition: checkKey (Result)
    • if Result may be detachable (in which case it is considered valid):

      some_post_condition: attached Result implies checkKey (Result)

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