I have an Android app that hosts an WebView and we want to adopt some accessibility feature on it.

Short question: Are there any talkback events on the JavaScript side being fired when user swipe left or right on the WebView?

Details: On the WebView I have a carousel component displaying some images. I want to do some specific actions, in the accessibility mode, when users do a single-fingle-swipe left or right (in this case, a single-fingle-swipe means going to next / previous available element). So in this way, if there are any events being fired that I can catch, it would be great.

Edited the question with a image that explains in details.


  • This is super broad, and the answer doesn't really involve code in any way. The answer to this would be a blog post about the relationship between the browser and the native accessibility layer. And while this information is useful, StackOverflow is not the place for it. Try asking a more concise question. – ChrisCM Oct 31 '17 at 16:04
  • @ChrisCM Hi Chris. Thanks for your response. I drew a little diagram to demonstrate the problem in a concise way. Hope it helps! – Tony Chol Nov 7 '17 at 22:51
  • On the android side, it would be possible if we launch an AccessibilityService running and detect the scroll action. But I think it might be a little heavy and CPU-intensive. – Tony Chol Nov 7 '17 at 22:55
  • It's not the question that is not concise, it is the answer. Your question is very consumable and has a very clear answer. But any helpful answer is essentially a tutorial on the relationship between Javascript, Chrome, and the Native Android Accessibility layer. Cool info, but not anything I plan on typing up on StackOverflow, it's just not where that type of answer belongs. I have a series of blog posts and videos you can check out, I don't want to advertise them here, reach out to me on LinkedIn. – ChrisCM Nov 8 '17 at 15:27

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