I got json response as below where i need to extract the description value for my next POST method :


"description": "thisisjson"


I've tried using "description":"(.+?)" to extract but it is not working and returning me default value of error. Any idea on what i missing ? Thanks mySetting

  • Can you provide additional information on what extractor, the code or commands you are using? See also stackoverflow.com/help/mcve – user1620443 Oct 28 '17 at 6:46
  • You're missing a space after the colon in your regex. This sounds like very much The Wrong Way and you should use a json parser then extract the value. For example your regex will fail if the description is "hello \"there\"". – Rory Oct 28 '17 at 6:57
  • hi @user1620443 , i'm using regular expression extractor previously , but now it works fine with Json Extractor and Json Path expressions of : $..description instead . Thanks – dlljl Oct 28 '17 at 6:57

Use JSON Path extractor for extracting from JSON response.

JSON Path Extractor configuration

Variable Name: anyString
JSON Path: $.description
Default Value: NOT_FOUND

Here is a screenshot from JSON Tester in JMeter

enter image description here

If you still want to stick to Regex Extractor than I guess what you missing is a space after : in the Regular Expression.

Use the following

Regex: "description": "(.+?)"

Here is a screenshot from Regex Tester in JMeter

enter image description here

  • hi , i've just tried using Json Extractor instead and it works perfectly with : $..description thanks a lot – dlljl Oct 28 '17 at 6:54

If you want to use Regex Extractor:

  • "description": "([^"]+?)"

And configure it like this:

Regex Extractor

But for JSON it's better to use JMeter core JSON Extractor and enter:

  • JSON Path Expressions = $..description

JSON Extractor

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