I am trying to copy a file by the same My CV 2017.pdf from one AWS bucket to the other using the AWS command line. But I am getting error doing that.

I tried using My\ Cv\ 2017.pdf and 'My CV 2017.pdf', both did not work.


Use double quotes. For example:

aws s3 cp "s3://source-bucket/My CV 2017.pdf" "s3://destination-bucket/My CV 2017.pdf"


Using double quotes can solve the problem when you have single file to upload.

For the bulk files, try uploading directory with recursive option

aws s3 mv ../directory-with-files/ s3://bucket-name/folder-to-upload/ --recursive

  • that indeed solved the invalid argument error for me – shmulik friedman Feb 22 at 13:27

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