I am using gson parser (latest version -> 2.8.2).

I would like to use RuntimeTypeAdapterFactory which is part of the gson extras.

In my build.gradle there is currently a single compile directive:

compile 'com.google.code.gson:gson:2.8.2'

However this gives me only the gson lib without the extras (RuntimeTypeAdapterFactory is not recognized in the project...).

I have looked at gson extras' pom file (https://github.com/google/gson/blob/master/extras/pom.xml) and tried to add below line to my build gradle:

compile 'com.google.code.gson:gson-extras:2.8.2'

But gradle just won't compile the gson extras:

"Error:Failed to resolve: com.google.code.gson:gson-extras:2.8.2"

Any Idea how to make this work?

Thank you very much for your time and assistance in this matter.

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Error:Failed to resolve: com.google.code.gson:gson-extras:2.8.2

The extra package is not published in Maven.

You can check these issues:

As you can read this package is not published and the best way to use the classes inside is just to include source-code in your project.


As mention in the maven page https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/com.google.code.gson/gson-extras/2.8.5!

you need to use the specified maven repo

Note: this artifact it located at CronApp repository (https://artifactory.cronapp.io/public-release/)

in gradle you can add custom repositories that way:

repositories {
    maven { url "https://artifactory.cronapp.io/public-release/" }

I'm actually maintaining a build of the vanilla gson-extras and publishing it in Maven Central. You can find it at: https://search.maven.org/artifact/org.danilopianini/gson-extras/

include it in Gradle by


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