Update Automation test results in Qmetry test cases?

Is there any API or methodology that we can update automation test execution results in Qmetry test build?

Following is my automated test case. I want to update relevant Qmetry test case once it runs


@Test(description = "Test Case No" )
public void As_a_User_I_can_Login_to_System(String environment){
        Users user = new Users("SID_SMITH");
        String name = loginHandler.success_login(user);
        System.out.print("Environment" + environment);
        Assert.assertEquals(name, user.getUserFullName(), "Success");

Can you be more specific? Do you want test results updated after each run? From personal experience using QMetry since some time now, I am a little bit confused, but I can think of some problems you have. What QMetry platform are you using? Automation studio? Or QMetry test management for Jira?

I am assuming you're asking about test results that get created when a project is run (on QMetry Automation Studio) and tests execution happened. Well in this case, QMetry has TestNG integrated thus it creates (and updates after each run) test results automatically. You can locate them under the folder test-results or you can view them by clicking on Dashboard icon.

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  • @dferenc Thank you for the clarification. I will make sure this does not get repeated. Should I move it to the comment? – donatmeh Dec 29 '17 at 15:01
  • @donatmeh I'm referring to update test results in Qmetry Test Management for JIRA – Ted87 Jan 4 '18 at 10:12
  • Ah, so you need Test Management for JIRA integrated with your QMetry Automation studio instance. To do so, please right click on your project and go to properties. Then QAS Project -> JIRA Integration. Fill there the things you need, and on each run of the test (supposing tests are structured in the Test Scenario - Test Case principal) the test cases will be complete and report is always auto generated. Thanks @Ted87 – donatmeh Jan 5 '18 at 12:05

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