I have IBM MQ service running under user mqService@domain that has been configured with Read group membership and Read groupMembershipSAM according to IBM's "Configuring Windows Accounts" instruction.

I logged in windows with user@domain and was able to run MQ commands(crtmqm, endmqm, dltmqm etc) under PowerShell locally(i.e. Invoke-Command).

However, when I ran the same commands under a PowerShell remote session(i.e. Invoke-Command -Session session with credential user@domain), crtmqm failed and I received the following error. All other MQ commands(e.g. endmqm, dltmqm) still worked. I tried both on a single machine and two different machines(physical machine + virtual machine), the errors were the same.

Interesting thing is in the error message, it described MQ running with the authority of user user@domain, instead of mqService@domain. Does any one know why and how to resolve it please?

Error message :

Access was denied when attempting to retrieve group membership
information for user 'user@domain'.  

WebSphere MQ, running with the authority of user 'user@domain', was
unable to retrieve group membership information for the specified

Ensure Active Directory access permissions allow user 'user@domain' to
read group memberships for user 'user@domain'. To retrieve group
membership information for a domain user, MQ must run with the
authority of a domain user and a domain controller must be  available.

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