I am working with Chinese content (using UTF-8), while most of the time it generates the right url, sometimes it strips certain Chinese characters from URL.

Some examples of these characters are:

When generating a page for each character, i.e.: example.com/〇 it generates empty paths example.com// .

To reproduce this behaviour, add

slug: "foo〇○〡〤〢⺮〣21三bar"

in the front matter of any page Hugo will generate the following stripped path:


removing 〇○〡〤〢⺮〣.

Tested with latest Hugo release: Hugo Static Site Generator v0.30.2 linux/amd64 BuildDate: 2017-10-19T08:34:27-03:00

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I found workaround to disable encoding/escaping of urls that contain UTF-8 (non english) chars, e.g.

<img {{ printf "src='%s%s'" .Site.BaseURL .imageUrl | safeHTMLAttr }} >

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