I am trying to test a Redux Observable epic which dispatches an action to invoke an other epic. Somehow the invoked epic is not called.

Lets say my epics looks like this;

const getJwtEpic = (action$, store, { api }) =>
    .switchMap(() => api.getJWT()
      .map(response => {
        if (response.errorCode > 0) {
          return {
            type: 'GET_JWT_FAILURE',
            error: { code: response.errorCode, message: response.errorMessage },

        return {
          type: 'GET_JWT_SUCCESS',
          idToken: response.id_token,

const bootstrapEpic = (action$, store, { api }) =>
    .switchMap(() =>
      action$.filter(({ type }) => ['GET_JWT_SUCCESS', 'GET_JWT_FAILURE'].indexOf(type) !== -1)
        .mergeMap(action => {
          if (action.type === 'GET_JWT_FAILURE') {
            return Observable.of({ type: 'BOOTSTRAP_FAILURE' });

          return api.getProfileInfo()
            .map(({ profile }) => ({
              type: 'BOOTSTRAP_SUCCESS', profile,
        .startWith({ type: 'GET_JWT_REQUEST' })

When I try to test the bootstrapEpic in Jest with the following code;

const response = {};

const api = { getJWT: jest.fn() };

const action$ = ActionsObservable.of(actions.bootstrap());
const epic$ = epics.bootstrapEpic(action$, null, { api });

const result = await epic$.toArray().toPromise();

The console.log call gives me the following output;

[ { type: 'GET_JWT_REQUEST' } ]

Somehow the getJwtEpic isn't called at all. I guess it has something to do with the action$ observable not dispatching the GET_JWT_REQUEST action but I can't figure out why. All help is so welcome!

  • What is the source for rehydrateEpic? – jayphelps Oct 31 '17 at 16:10
  • That was a small typo, excuse me! I was trying to call the bootstrapEpic there. – robinvdvleuten Oct 31 '17 at 17:04
  • You aren't calling getJwtEpic anywhere? Why do you think that it would be called? The result variable you have (the stream before you call toPromise on it) is the output of the bootstrapEpic, which is to be expected. I don't understand what you want to see, sorry. – Whymarrh Oct 31 '17 at 17:10
  • Eventually I want to have an array like this; ['GET_JWT_REQUEST', 'GET_JWT_SUCCESS', 'BOOTSTRAP_SUCCESS'] – robinvdvleuten Oct 31 '17 at 17:13
  • So the result of both epics, but I can't figure out how to get the result of the epics combined. – robinvdvleuten Oct 31 '17 at 17:15

Assuming actions.rehydrate() returns an action of type BOOTSTRAP and the gigya stuff is a typo,

getJwtEpic isn't called because you didn't call it yourself 🤡 When you test epics by manually calling them, then it's just a function which returns an Observable, without any knowledge of the middleware or anything else. The plumbing that connects getJwtEpic as part of the root epic, and provides it with (action$, store) is part of the middleware, which you're not using in your test.

This is the right approach, testing them in isolation, without redux/middleware. 👍 So you test each epic individually, by providing it actions and dependencies, then asserting on the actions it emits and the dependencies it calls.

You'll test the success path something like this:

const api = {
  getProfileInfo: () => Observable.of({ profile: 'mock profile' })
const action$ = ActionsObservable.of(
  { type: 'GET_JWT_SUCCESS', idToken: 'mock token' }

const epic$ = epics.bootstrapEpic(action$, null, { api });

const result = await epic$.toArray().toPromise();

  { type: 'GET_JWT_REQUEST' },
  { type: 'BOOTSTRAP_SUCCESS', profile: 'mock profile' }

Then you'll test the failure path in another test by doing the same thing except giving it GET_JWT_FAILURE instead of GET_JWT_SUCCESS. You can then test getJwtEpic separately as well.

btw, ofType accepts any number of types, so you can just do action$.ofType('GET_JWT_SUCCESS', 'GET_JWT_FAILURE')

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  • Thanks for the explanation! I've stared to long to my code to missed those typos, fixed them in the question. I'll try it in my code to check if I understand it now. – robinvdvleuten Nov 1 '17 at 10:48
  • Wow I finally get my head around testing nested epics! I took some paradigma change I guess haha – robinvdvleuten Nov 1 '17 at 10:58
  • yay! so glad this helped. – jayphelps Nov 2 '17 at 17:55

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