When testing using jasmine, I am getting this error.

TypeError: moment.tz is not a function

My code that I try to test is

let myDate = moment().tz(undefined, vm.timeZone).format('YYYY-MM-DD'); 


If you're using Node.js, you may accidentally be using

const moment = require('moment'); //moment

instead of

const moment = require('moment-timezone'); //moment-timezone

Also, make sure you have installed moment-timezone with

npm install moment-timezone --save


The bug of requiring moment without timezones could occur by installing moment with require('moment'), later deciding to npm install moment-timezone, and then forgetting to update the require.

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    Any ideas why this is working on my local machine using moment (for years) and today it's throwing the error today? Using just 'moment' is also working locally on my machine but not working on colleagues machine. For example, this is works: const moment = require('moment'); var date = moment(new Date()).tz('America/New_York').format('ddd. MMMM Do YYYY, h:mm a'); (this works for me) – Matt Kim Feb 13 '18 at 18:19
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    I don't fully understand your first question. Could you please reword? You can replace moment(new Date()) with just moment(). I edited my response with the npm install commands, so please try them again on any environmen (your local machine, colleague's machine, production machines). – Matt Goodrich Feb 13 '18 at 18:29
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    Just broke on my machine too. Just wondered why it didn't before. – Kevin Amiranoff Dec 10 '18 at 11:03
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    @MattKim I have the same issue. When I run npm i, it installs my moment@2.24.0. I don't knw why but npm is installing moment-timezone with a sub repository node_modules and moment@2.24.0, so the moment lib I use is not updated. In production, I don't have this sub node_module dir with the wrong moment. Why is npm doing this on my computer everytime? I use same npm version on both machines. – Patrick Portal Apr 11 at 21:25
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    @MattKim Finally it was an issue with the package-lock.json, delete it / npm i and it fixes the issue :/ – Patrick Portal Apr 11 at 21:55

Below code for me...

import moment from 'moment';
import 'moment-timezone';
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    Thanks! Didn't know that you needed to install moment-timezone. – PeeJee Feb 28 at 13:00

I've encountered this problem too. It works for years, but after a refactor, it doesn't work. As I've investigated, moment-timezone@0.5.13 depends on moment@>=2.9.0, which might be different from moment itself.

In my case, moment-timezone uses moment@2.24.0, and moment itself version is 2.18.1. Causes moment-timezone decorated wrong version of moment.

I've change yarn.lock like this:

  version "0.5.13"
  resolved "https://arti-dev.ss.aws.fwmrm.net/api/npm/fw-npm/moment-timezone/-/moment-timezone-0.5.13.tgz#99ce5c7d827262eb0f1f702044177f60745d7b90"
  integrity sha1-mc5cfYJyYusPH3AgRBd/YHRde5A=
    moment ">= 2.9.0"

moment@2.18.1, moment@>= 2.9.0:
  version "2.18.1"
  resolved "https://arti-dev.ss.aws.fwmrm.net/api/npm/fw-npm/moment/-/moment-2.18.1.tgz#c36193dd3ce1c2eed2adb7c802dbbc77a81b1c0f"
  integrity sha1-w2GT3Tzhwu7SrbfIAtu8d6gbHA8=

moment & moment-timezone could be used substitute for each other in this case.


For Node.js, According to the original documentation: moment js documentation

You should do

npm install moment-timezone

Then use it like this

var moment = require('moment-timezone');

Moment should be a function call. So use let myDate = moment().tz(...)

See https://momentjs.com/timezone/docs/ for more details.


You should also ensure that you are including the timezone extension to the moment library either through the correct npm install and require (for Node) or the correct script tags (for general browser usage). See the linked documents for the libraries/scripts to include.

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    fails with - moment(...).tz is not a function – Sanath Oct 31 '17 at 23:46

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