G'day guys,

I'm trying to figure out the best way to check for empty storageSession in HTML5.

I noticed that some browser returns null and some return just empty space if you clear or did not set any values to the sessionStorage.

I've tried the following

if (sessionStorage.getItem('value1') == "null" && sessionStorage.getItem('value2') == "null") {

But it doesn't seem to work.

Anyone got a better way to check if a sessionStorage is empty?

Appreciate your help on this and thank you in advance.


That should work; the problem is that you have null in quotes.

Also, sessionStorage.length will give you the number of values stored.

  • Hi Herohtar, thank you for pointing out the error to me. Really appreciate it. As for the case of some browser returning null and some returning empty space, should we create 2 condition statement? One for null and one for empty space? – John Citizen Jan 16 '11 at 10:06
  • If you need to check for both, that's what you will have to do. Just out of curiosity, which browser returns empty space? getItem() should always return null if the value is not set. Also, see my addition to my answer for another possible test. – Herohtar Jan 16 '11 at 10:13
  • Hi Herohtar, if you do a document.write(sessionStorage.getItem('value1')); most browser will render it as null if its empty. However, it's a different story for text inputs. IE will include the word null as value in the text box. – John Citizen Jan 16 '11 at 10:32

But this is how you check for "empty" session storage

   if (sessionStorage.length == 0) {

Use this to check if there is item is session storage called "name"

if (sessionStorage['name']) {
    console.log("There is 'name' in session storage ")
  • Using typeof sessionStorage['name'] === 'undefined' works for me – moabi Feb 7 '18 at 12:41

You can also try

    if($window.sessionStorage.value === undefined) {}

i checked this way

   $(document).ready(function () {
       if (window.sessionStorage) {
           if (sessionStorage.getItem("x-mas") === null) {
               if (getCountryCode() == 'de') {
                   sessionStorage.setItem("x-mas", "1")

   function getCountryCode() {
       var url = window.location.pathname;
       var segments = url.split('/');
       var countrycode = segments[1];
       return countrycode;

In case like this, I use:

if (sessionStorage.getItem('value1').length == 0) {}

  • I think you can't use .length on null – Si8 Jun 12 at 15:29

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