My Use case is a very simple one . I want to use WSO2 Identity Server to implement SAML2.0 SSO in our app deployment .

  • We don't have an external identity provider like facebook or google , so we want the identity server itself to act like an identity provider , [Local Authentication ]

  • We want the authentication for the SP to be done against a local user store [AD]

  • The SSO login is going to be IDP initiated.

  • The login page has to be customized.

I went through the documentation tutorials and while the architecture page does mention that all this is possible , but I could not find any actual tutorial which explains how to do this .

Can someone link me to the tutorial pages which describe how to do this or , provide a rundown of the steps required ?


Yes all of these are possible with WSO2 Identity Server. Unfortunately there isn't any single tutorial/documentation to cover this in single but I can provide you each for every step.

  1. Configuring active directory.
  2. SSO with SAML.
  3. IDP Initiated SSO.
  4. Customizing login page.

And if you need to know about more advance scenarios, please read this article.

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