I have a Zikula module fresh created with modulestudio. By following the instructions in translation.md I used the following command at the ssh shell of my webspace:

php app/console translation:extract template --bundle=RKHelperModule --enable-extractor=jms_i18n_routing --output-format=po --dir=./modules/RK/HelperModule --dir=./app/Resources/RKHelperModule

The answer of the system is:

Could not open input file: app/console

app/console is there (permission 644).

How to figure out what is going wrong?

Thanks for helping!


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Ensure you move into the main directory before executing this command.

  • I was in my web hosting root instead of my Zikula Installation root. Thanks for the quick reply! – rallek Nov 1 '17 at 8:19

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