I am wondering how I target the even/odd rows inside a Angular Material Table so that I can set the even/odd rows a different background colour.

I setup my ClaimFileHistoryDataSource class:

claimClientInformation: ClaimFileHistory[];
dataSource : ClaimFileHistoryDataSource;
displayedColumns = ['TypeImg', 'Description', 'Agent'];

export class ClaimFileHistoryDataSource extends DataSource<ClaimFileHistory> {

    constructor(private _claimFileHistory: ClaimFileHistory[]) {

    connect(): Observable<ClaimFileHistory[]> {
      return Observable.of(this._claimFileHistory);

    disconnect() {}

On NgInit I make a call to my service to go and get the data I need and populate the DataSource:

this._claimFileHistoryService.getClaimFileHistoryById().subscribe(response => {
  this.claimClientInformation = response;       
  this.dataSource = new ClaimFileHistoryDataSource(this.claimClientInformation);

This is fine and the Data is coming back as it should.

In the HTML the Mat-Table looks like this:

    <mat-table #table [dataSource]="dataSource">

      <ng-container matColumnDef="TypeImg">
        <mat-cell *matCellDef="let row"><img [src]='row.TypeImg' height="40px"></mat-cell>

      <ng-container matColumnDef="Description">
        <mat-cell *matCellDef="let row">
            <span class="d-block">{{row.Description}}</span>
            <span class="d-block">{{row.Date}}</span>


      <ng-container matColumnDef="Agent">
        <mat-cell *matCellDef="let row"> {{row.Agent}} </mat-cell>

      <mat-header-row *matHeaderRowDef="displayedColumns"></mat-header-row>
      <mat-row *matRowDef="let row; columns: displayedColumns;"></mat-row>

Again I was wondering how do I go about getting the Odd/Even rows of the table and setting them a different row background colour?


Use Following CSS in your .css or .scss file to set the different style for even/odd row:

    background-color: red;
    background-color: black;

Updating this answer with a newer approach to future developers who may come to this question.

Material Angular now offers some variables to row indexes.

<mat-row *matRowDef="
              let row;
              let even = even; 
              columns: displayedColumns;" 
         [ngClass]="{gray: even}"></mat-row>

In you CSS file: .gray { background-color: #f5f5f5 }

There are other properties like: index, count, first, last, even and odd.

You can find out more on Angular Docs, more specifically on section "Table showing each row context properties"

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    This is the better option if you're using expandable detail rows otherwise the coloring will get off Aug 22 '19 at 20:45
  • Newbie question: Why do you need let even = even but not 'let row = row`?
    – xr280xr
    Oct 21 at 16:36

You can apply colors to rows based on condition as well.

For an instance if the cell value is equal to 100,then change the color of the row to red.

     <tr class="matheader-row" mat-row *matRowDef="let row; columns: displayColumns; 
      let i = index; let even = even;" [class.rowStyle]="row['myColumn']=='100'"
                [ngClass]="{rowcolor: even}">


font-weight: bold;

Above scenario will work if your columns have myColumn as one of the columns. Also using even property you can apply the required color styling [ngClass]="{rowcolor: even}


if you use themes a transparent css looks nice:

  background: rgba(0,0,0,0.025);

Unfortunatly none of the above answers worked for me (i'm using multiTemplateDataRows), but after tweaking Gustavo Lopez answer i got it to work as below:

<tr *matRowDef="
          let row;
          let index = dataIndex;
          columns: displayedColumns;" 
     [ngClass]="{alternate: index % 2 == 0 }"></tr>´

And the css is as previous answer:

.alternate { background-color: #f5f5f5 }

It seems like no of the properties like odd,even or index work when you have multiTemplateDataRows but fortunately they've solved the index property with dataIndex (https://github.com/angular/components/issues/12793#issuecomment-415356860). Hopefully this will help others that have expandable rows.

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    Thank you, this solution works perfectly when using expandable rows Jan 21 at 2:32
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    Thank you, it works perfectly for my problem.
    – tiana
    Apr 22 at 5:44

The answers of @mohit uprim and @Gustavo Lopes did work for me for a Material Angular datatable. But whenever I hover above the line, the row gets its initial default colour (white) and restores the new CSS colour on mouse-out event. So, adding "important" flag should fix it :

.some-class-name {
    background-color: blue !important; 

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