As soon as multiple files (say, 6) are uploaded via fileInput, I receive the text "6 files" next to the button, and "Upload complete" in the progress bar. Also, I suppose some text is provided in progress bar in case of emergency (faulty upload or smth.). UI of the app I am writing is in Russian, so all the labels are to be in Russian. According to documentation, I can set just buttonLabel and placeholder labels in fileInput, nothing about the text I mentioned above. Any ideas how can I change it?


It's not a complete solution, as it doesn't solve the problem you were having with multiple files, but it's possibly a start. This changes the text in the progress bar:

You can do this using a custom javascript function stored in a file which you include with tags$script(). The javascript file needs to sit in the www folder

|__ fileInput_text.js


ui <- fluidPage(
    fileInput('uploaded', 'Data Upload')

shinyApp(ui = ui, server = function(input, output) {})

Custom javascript function: fileInput_text.js


    var target = $('#uploaded_progress').children()[0];
    if(target.innerHTML === "Upload complete"){
        target.innerHTML = 'YOUR TEXT HERE';      


This function will look for you fileInput's ID (in this case uploaded) And will change it from "Upload complete" to what you set it to:

Shiny App output

  • Thanks. Though the answer is partial, that seems to be a nice path. – Сергей Чащин Aug 21 '18 at 21:06

In Shiny version 1.0.5 message "Upload complete" is hardcoded in the javascript source files.You would need to modify the source files or to add a javascript hack to your application to change the text. Alternatively, you could hide the message with some CSS. It isn't the same as a translation, but it could be good enough in some situations.

  1. Create file app.css in the same folder of ui.R and add to it .progress-bar {color: transparent!important}
  2. Add includeCSS("app.css") to the UI, for instance: # Define UI for data upload app ---- ui <- fluidPage( includeCSS("app.css"), # The rest of your page...

It works by making the font color transparent in the progress bar. The text is still there but it's invisible.

  • Thank you. I've edited (hacked :)) JS code. Though it works, your variant seems more elegant. – Сергей Чащин Apr 11 '18 at 13:09

vim /usr/lib64/R/library/shiny/www/shared/shiny.min.js and search the word "Upload complete" then replace it. attention the encoding.

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